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youjixnatsuo's Journal

Until Our Hearts Freeze
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This is a community for the pairing of Youji x Natsuo (and/or Natsuo x Youji) from Yun Kouga's Loveless. Fanfiction, fanart, and whatever else you can think of is welcomed and encouraged.

Please keep in mind that this community contains shounen-ai/yaoi (guyxguy relationship). So if you don't like it then you don't belong here.


1.) Youji and Natsuo have to be the main characters. They do not have to necessarily be romantically and certainly not sexually involved with each other, but they have to be the main focus point. Bewarned though, that the mods rather fancy them to be together, which... in plain English, means two boys, both twelve years old, in a relationship.

2.) No flaming, no ship wars, no rants; keep everything related to your personal life, out of this community. This community is solely dedicated to Youji and Natsuo.

3.) Fanfiction and fanart should be posted under an lj-cut and the entry’s title should give the title of the story/art, the rating, and if it’s from a multi-chaptered story, the chapter number should be included. The entry’s format should be similar to...
Pairings/Characters: (Yes, Youji and Natsuo are required, but there can be threesomes and other pairings and other main characters.)
Summary: (optional)
Author Notes: (optional)
<*lj-cut text="delete the two stars and insert something here"> Insert story/art/whatever here.

4.) Anything that can go in the Youji x Natsuo fandom, goes here. Icons, media, manga scans, fanfiction, wallpapers, fanart, cosplay pictures, challenges, rumors... Everyone gets the drift. By anything, that also includes any rating, any extent of romance or gore. If Youji and Natsuo are there, it’s acceptable.

5.) Everyone here, hopefully, is a Youji x Natsuo fan. There's an AIM chatroom dedicated to us, "youjixnatsuo", feel free to join anytime. Us all being Youji x Natsuo fans, there's no reason for us all not to be happy and respectful. So please, everyone follow the rules and have fun!